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April 1st 2015

A fine evening, cutie pies and grown-ups back to home, and absolutely nothing fun to do. If you are left out with dry hours till your bed time, Lulu’s entertainment zone - Sparky’s gives you rides which will take you up, swing and shine.

There won’t be any brain cell left passive before you step out of Sparky’s. There are enough number of care takers for kids when it comes to each ride and a kid’s saloon which is sure to be different from the regular nightmarish saloon visits, with enough distractions for kids. But the best part of Sparky’s is that the fun is not restricted to kids alone.

DSC_3654  DSC_3653

To start with, you must check air hockey. It will require the alertness of body and eyes. Kids have wall climbing to activate their sporty side. Grownups must try drop tower. This will take you up above and drop you down which will make you think you left your body up there. Then you must get into Jamaica. This is one of the highlights of Sparky’s. It will wiggle your whole together. You will be forced to come back every weekend.

Next to note, is a whole set of shooting games. Specially wrapped in fun is 5 D motion shooting games. This creates pseudo reality and you will love this feature. Shooting sharks, moving spider and sea wolf are a few to mention.Pirate revenge is that you sail a ship and attack other ships coming your way. You will be equipped with shooting press buttons on your ship steering. Another exciting element is that,by the end of each game you will get tickets according to your points which will fetch you exciting prices at the gift counter.

DSC_3659  DSC_3664

Games exclusively for kids are soft balls, crazy cars, bikes, Monster ride, Bumping cars, carousel, swings and animal rides. Skippy, the kangaroo moves sideways and you need to try filling balls into his belly by pressing the button. To pull out your kinetic energy there’s dance with music and ultimate assaulter, a punch bag to measure your muscle power. Indoor games like pool games and the 12 lane bowling alley are exotic;there are special prices for regular gamers.

DSC_3675  DSC_3661

A mini roller coaster will take a half way ride above the whole gaming section. There is a huge ice skating rink, the largest in south India. Here you can chisel your skating skills and at the same time enjoy watching. Rising ape is a very different game in which you need to hold on to a metal bar when its voltage flows.

DSC_3671  DSC_3667

There is the motion games hall serving you a whole new level of gaming experience. You will get to see huge screens, cozy seats to curl in and play all android games. Also, there is a party hall available at Sparky’s. Before you leave this land of gaming, don’t forget to take snapshots at photo and fold. You can easily get the copies and set it folding in the way you like. Welcome to this family fun destination and rub in the magic dust on your back pocket.




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