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February 18th 2016
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Customer is the key part of every enterprise. Right from the smallest roadside vendors to the largest multinationals, all firms have the duty of keeping their customers happy. But many organizations, in its pursuit of efficiency and ‘good looking’ balance sheets lose out on this major aspect of an enterprise, the customer. It is important to respect the customer and puts him/her on a pedestal above all else. We believe no matter how big the measures and policies at ensuring the smooth functioning of an organization holds good unless it affects the customer in a positive manner and brings a wide smile in the face of the customer. Continuing with this line of thought, decided to introduce a Flagship Loyalty Program for its customers called Lulu Happiness Loyalty and Rewards.


A LuLu customer can be part of the loyalty program in two ways, either through the Inloyal Mobile App or through the Loyalty Desk. Loyalty Desk set up in our existing information desk and it handles everything related to the Loyalty Program. You can approach the Loyalty desk if you want to be part of Loyalty Program.



Is Loyalty Card a privilege card that allows only certain customers to become its members?

Not at all!

As we said, all you have to do is to walk up to the Loyalty Desk or download the Loyalty app on your smartphone, and you are ready to go! You just need to ensure that the purchases are made from one of LuLu’s stores. Every time a purchase is made, points are added to your loyalty account upon submission of the bill that could be redeemed for vouchers or discounts. Though the loyalty app is designed with the ease of use in mind, you could always walk the loyalty desk for further enquiries.

We believe it is the right time to move to the next level and add something more to our offering. This thought has resulted in the Loyalty program. The Loyalty program is another step towards giving you a joyous shopping experience. So stay tuned, stay right with us. You never know!


Why should you go for the Loyalty card?

Loyalty Cards are a reward that is offered for regular customers so that they can make frequent purchases. Once the card holder shops for a certain amount of purchase with LuLu, they win shopping vouchers. The customers enjoy loyalty points for twelve months and if they redeem it for gifts as a part of the loyalty program, they should collect it within 7 days from the date of reservation. The bigger picture? LuLu, by now has become an integral part of your lives. Though it might seem you wouldn’t need a reason to continue being with us, the Loyalty Program will surprise you pleasantly.

4With the program, we intend to give you exactly what you want. So if you are a heavy spender on accessories, we assure you that your special vouchers would all be in that segment. Being a member of the loyalty program entitles you to the most amazing discounts that’ll blow your mind away. So we promise to give you more reasons to be with us. All you need to avail the discounts is our app. We have been with Kochi for more than three years and hope to have brought a revolution in terms of what the city consumes, with products and services of a quality hitherto never seen before.



  1. Jisha
    March 13, 2016 at 2:32 pm

    please send me the details of how to get the privilege card


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